SCM - Operational Optimization

Path Labs – Operational Optimization

ABCD Path Labs has 10 labs situated across the city and provided various types of diagnosis, for which the time varied from 1 to 3 days once the patient has arrived at their labs. As per the delivery of the diagnosis the patient had to come back to collect it.

Due to the pandemic the business potential has increased, yet the footfall dropped by 70% and the bottom line was drastically hit. Earning potential is very high but customers fear going to hospitals, labs, etc. and need the lab to come to their home. The need of the hour was to implement a state-of-the-art digital supply chain via which scaling the number of customers would require very less time.

For the same a one-of-a-kind hyperlocal logistics model is proposed, which has never been implemented until now in the pathological diagnostic space.

The following was suggested to the customer as the solution to regain the prior revenues and even take it higher levels.

1. Customer places request for a test from an app/ phone/net.

2. According to the location provided by the customer, the nearest lab was informed.

3. Best possible route for multiple collections generated and customer is provided with an ETA

4. Samples collected and tracked during transferring to the central lab and tests performed.

5. Results are prepared which are emailed/Whatsapp to the customer & their doctor if requested.

The implementation of the above system provided the following advantages.

· Better tracking of customer needs and call scheduling, which lead to growing stack of loyal customers and higher customer satisfaction

· Tracking of Field team leading to optimizing operations.

· Collected sample tracked during testing to evaluate and improve performance.

· Transformation into more scalable model, hence increasing reach to more cities

· Decrease in the real estate cost due to centralization of services.

Critical benefits projected are as follows: