Who are we ?

Establishing its operations in India in the year 2020, DataLynx Pvt. Ltd. a multi-disciplinary consultancy founded by veteran Manoj Bhandari, who over the course of twenty-three years served as the head of manufacturing organization’s in India. The firm provides broad-based services to manufacturing industries in strategy, by improving cost efficiency, providing predictive sales, but sets itself apart through its rich experience, deep research, problem identification & solving and client engagement approach.

Along with a desire to develop a leading home-grown consultancy in a local landscape of dominant foreign multinationals, such a deep-research mind-set was the primary motivation for establishing DataLynx in the first place.

“Unfortunately, there is a vacuum in mid size manufacturing organizations, independent & bold management wish to improve operational efficiency. We want to create a unique combination of practical business experience and the latest advancements in knowledge, intuition and intelligence; passion for client and young dynamism.”

With a core in-house team of consultants who hail from leading Industries in India and abroad, backed by a need-based network of expert advisors, professors and specialist alliance partners, DataLynx applies comprehensive research to complex strategy questions in areas such as strategic planning performance optimization, specialized technology feasibility like Industry 4.0.

A engineering graduate from Nagpur University, Mr. Bhandari has amassed over two decades of Manufacturing experience before setting out on his own. Joining Reliance in 1998 after starting his career at the Indorama Synthetics, Bhandari would ultimately spend @12 yrs with RIL, working in different domains from polyester to Oil & Gas. Became certified Energy Auditor. Then worked in Africa, Middle East and again in India for around 6 yrs in Cairn Oil & Gas Vedanta Ltd rising to become Gujarat Head for New ventures.