Textile & Manufacturing


We are helping textile companies with their manufacturing and distribution process by giving them insights like :

  • Easily consolidating batch reporting and comparing batch analysis.

  • Increase reporting speed and frequency for production lots and batch release

  • Improve manufacturing uptime performance and identify downtime issues, evaluate shifts and staff performance

  • Use predictive intelligence to improve plant uptime and predict breakdowns and to do preventive maintenance.

  • Storage of raw material, using FIFO concept utilization. Shelf life monitoring. Linking the waste with sourcing of raw material.

Energy Optimization

Money saved is money earned. Generally three types of energy is used in industry, electricity/coal/gas. Some are directly used and some are converted to steam/air/heat and then used in Industries. In textile industry, managing batch size is a key challenge as all the major utilities are up & running for ensuring quality of product. When we integrate and utilize IIOT solutions it helps in having a birds eye view and reduction of energy cost.

Supply Chain Optimization

SCM visibility in context of sales can be a big competitive advantage for a chemical industry by optimizing costs while managing fill rates.

Demand forecasting is a complex process involving analysis of data and requires a strong relation with inventory management. Demand forecasting uses the data of the supply chain for optimizing the business. Benefits of demand forecasting are: It gives the opportunity to control inventory better and reduce the need to store significant amounts of useless products.

  • The online inventory management software helps to collect data that may be of great use for further analysis.

  • One more critical factor is that the data input for the demand forecasting may be continually updated. Thus, relevant forecasts can be made.

  • Additional benefits lie in the improvement of the supplier-manufacturer relation, as both can efficiently regulate their stocks and supply process.

  • Demand forecasting and inventory management take into account numerous factors, among which are external factors like the economy or markets, raw material availability, etc. In this way, you can get a more complex view of your manufacturing business performance.

Expenditure Analysis & Maximizing Profit

With increasing competition and evolving strategies, Finance function of Pharma looks ways to improve profitability and save costs. Financial Strategies in post corona world will be the deciding factor for growth.


Availability of manpower and efficient utilization of manpower are serious concerns for a manufacturing industry. Also availability of skilled/trained labour is a routine issue. Once we transfer the load of process management from person to system it helps in optimizing cost.