Data Collection & Management

An ideal manufacturing plant is one that runs its machinery at its full capacity and efficiency. Modern production plants and their equipments provide an abundance of data with various sources available . Data Analytics allow manufacturers to apply Machine Learning and Big Data tools to monitor equipment in real-time and build predictive models in order to provide production and plant managers with a better understanding and insight into their equipment. This supports them to utilize their equipment to the fullest.

In this competitive situation Mid-Sized companies in Indian manufacturing sector require data analytics to improve efficiencies. Our system improves productivity and profitability by identifying trends and patterns which can generate essential insights. Manufacturing waste is becoming an cost effective issue especially in the industries operating within margins. With advent of data-driven analytics, manufacturers can use statistical and mathematical techniques to create models and identify more efficient manufacturing methods.

This results in better use of resources and identifying better energy utilization techniques for production processes. We create a platform that increases productivity through real-time visibility, deep analytics and Artificial Intelligence - driven predictive notifications. By using our platform to closely monitor equipment, the amount of waste being created due to inefficiencies can be reduced significantly along with reducing the energy being wasted.

We capture data from all relevant sources in an enterprise and transform it into a form via which we can drive actionable business analytics for decision makers. We are a team who understands your data and is willing to work with all its physical & electronic aspects. We will help you to describe the real problem and solve it to maximize the potential of your industry.