Industrial Solutions

Paradigm Shift

People say data is not available in Mid-Sized industry where usage of technology is limited. Big corporates have invested large sum of money in technology so that data analytics could be adopted and efficiencies can be improved. Internet of things improves the scenario but cost effectiveness needs to be checked before deciding on investment. Datalynx suggests firms to ensure that these goals are being met via their investments in technology which requires a strategic assessment of operations and possible areas of improvement prior to integration.

Industry 4.0 is a multi-sector phenomenon, our analysis deals primarily with the operations in the manufacturing sector, particularly businesses that have complex manufacturing processes. Data Normalization, cluster & segment analysis is done to identify leakage points.

We conducts a comprehensive Industry 4.0 maturity and feasibility assessment for the organisation and roadmap design for Industry 4.0 implementation. Once we gone through analysis and the model has been prepared, we have to create vision that can be aligned with business vision. when business combine their policy framework with data strategies, they can create a holistic approach to ensure a greater value proposition in terms of all business modules.

Case Studies